Bevan and Hayes offensive leaders on Senior Day

Seniors Lauren Bevan and Kameryn Hayes led the Lady Buffs volleyball team to a three-set sweep of the Texas A&M-Commerce Lions on Senior Day, Nov. 8, in “The Box.” They ended their volleyball careers at West Texas A&M University aggressively, with 22 combined kills in the match.   Bevan played her first season as a…

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Plus INT Episode #39 Show Notes

Want to listen to this episode? Click here! This episode was recorded on November 04, 2014. This episode is 36.5 MB. This episode is 1 hour and 3 minutes long. This episode uses the songs The Journalist (live) and Yellow Dust by Rolemusic. This track was found on Free Music Archive and is used under…

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39 – Grand Theft Podcast The Ballad of Gabe Silvas

Plus INT Episode 39 Artwork.

Plus INT Episode 39 Episode Artwork.

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SPOILERS for Attack on Titan, Doctor Who, Future Diary (Mirai Nikki), Godzilla 2014, Red Dead Redemption

There’s going to be a Marvel and Attack on Titan Crossover! No, really, that’s not a joke. This week, Preston and Gabe talk about that and all the latest geeky news on Plus INT.


WT football team moves beyond academic fraud

After allegations of a violation of academic integrity, the football program and athletic department at West Texas A&M University are taking steps to move forward.   The allegations made by former backup placekicker Jose Azarte Jr. indicated that Azarte Jr. completed homework for former wide receiver Anthony Johnson and that Azarte Jr.’s parents took a…

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WT Forensics goes global ‘one quarter at a time’

The walls collapsed, and just like that more than 1,000 workers were injured. Just like that at least 142 workers perished under heaps of rubble. Bangladesh is one of the world’s leading garment exporters, and because of poor safety conditions and illegally built structures, a factory that makes clothing for European and American retailers tumbled…

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WT starts Rifle Club to teach safety and control

Colton Meyer, along with other students at West Texas A&M University, recently began the WT Trap and Skeet Club, which will compete in shooting events and teach gun safety.   “Most of us have a shooting background back before high school,” Meyer, senior Animal Science major, said. ”The competitive shooting events are something that we…

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Understanding the First Amendment is essential

Over the past ten years, there have been numerous world events that have made headlines across multiple media outlets. There have been new presidents elected, votes concerning gay marriage and Ebola outbreaks, just to name a few. But there is something happening that has seized to catch the attention of the world: murderers are walking…

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WT honors Share Your Pride

West Texas A&M University hosted The Dreamer’s World, a cirque show, in the First United Bank Center on Oct. 30 at 7:30 p.m.   The cirque theatrical performance celebrated the closing of WTAMU’s Share Your Pride fund-raising campaign that raised more than $50 million. The Dreamer’s World performance was a free event and open to…

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Living Learning Communities begin second year

This year, West Texas A&M University residence halls have academically-based living learning communities that are connected to specific majors to celebrate students’ interests above and beyond their academic pursuits. In a living learning community, students are surrounded in their residence hall by other students with similar interests based on major.   Students who participate in…

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