I'm Ryan Schaap, my major is Agricultural Media and Communications. I write for "The Prairie" newspaper as a staff writer. You never know what life is going to throw at you; but one things for sure, I can't wait to catch it and check it out.

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WT researches air quality at Colorado swine farms

Research will begin during June at the Panhandle Department Research Facility (PDRF) at WTAMU. The research will determine air quality for swine farms in Colorado. The swine facilities send air samples in bags that are analyzed by panelists to determine the quality of that air from the lagoons located on the swine farms.The project is…

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This Week in Photos: Misc

Check out the miscellaneous photos for this week! Here are the related stories: ACT to attend Professional Development Conference SIFE hosts conference for local high school students…

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Federally supported ethanol programs eliminated

As of Dec. 31, 2011, the ethanol subsidy has thinned out, according to the Milk Producers Council. Two of the three federally supported programs that produce corn-based ethanol have been eliminated. “By ending the ethanol subsidies, the beef industry is back into a market-type situation,” WTAMU Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Marty Rhoads said. “At…

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