Megan Moore is the current Editor at The Prairie. She oversees both the print edition and online edition of the paper. She is a senior student studying both Broadcast Journalism and English, and a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. ​Megan is also a member of WT's chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Upon graduation in May, she plans to begin graduate studies in Journalism.

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Farewell words from the Editor

It’s funny how a few short weeks ago I was dying to be done with my undergraduate career. Literally dying would be pushing it, but I was pretty close to dying. I was stressed out, strung out on little sleep and starving for what my life after graduation would be like. In the wise words…

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Rock the Real demonstration eliminates burdens

Kisses, canines, rocks and pillow fights. These objects seem like everyday items with no connection to each other, but for the Aesthetics of Gender and Identity class at West Texas A&M University, these objects hold the very essence of what the support of diversity and difference looks like in art form.   “We all come…

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Willpower outweighs pain in running for causes

It was a cool spring morning, about 55 degrees. The wind wasn’t blowing, which is unusual for the Texas panhandle. As the world was coming to life, the sky was painted in shades of red, orange and purple. There was a beautiful panhandle sunrise. Everything was still.   She prayed, “God, give me strength,” and…

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Pre-marital counseling available to WT students

It takes months of planning, days of organizing, hours of budgeting and it all begins with a simple yes.   Many view the college years as those for hooking up, checking out or creeping on Facebook profiles, but for many students at West Texas A&M University and other campuses across the U.S., they are participating…

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Letter from the editor: Plus-sized means normal

Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition model announcement was made on Feb. 5 and it made national news not because it’s a highly anticipated edition but because the first “plus-sized” model made the cut. As a woman I highly respect models, especially ones who have the confidence to model in a swimsuit.   I’m no expert on…

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Capturing the human form by way of live model

Fast Company reported in 2014 that, “Since 1932, Disney has been the only entertainment studio to continue an unbroken tradition of offering free life drawing classes for its artists within its studios. The idea is that understanding and capturing the anatomy and sense of motion from a live model improves animated drawings and gestures.”  …

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