Kati Watson has been working for the Prairie for almost year. She started working for the Prairie as a writer and her interest and expertise in layout design pushed her to her current position as layout design editor. Kati is a junior at WT and currently studding Dance and History.

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How to ‘Stay Afloat’

The Sigma Nu fraternity is taking part in the ‘21 Days of Change’ movement by hosting the Stay Afloat race to raise money for TOMS shoes. Teams of three will meet up and build a cardboard boat. Teams will then have to race around the pool.

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Renovations target WT’s old empty buildings

When walking around the WTAMU campus, a person will find two old buildings not being used for classes.  One might ask themselves what WT used these buildings for in the past, and what the future has in store for these picturesque buildings. The Old Education Building, which is across from the museum exit and Old…

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iPhone 5, Verizon Wireless talk about future

Apple is slowly taking over the phone market. Apple has recently launched its ad campaign for the iPhone on the Verizon Wireless network. Apple has also hinted to the possibility of an iPhone 5 as well as an iPad 2. Verizon Wireless is getting the iPhone 4. This is both good news and bad news…

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