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CORE hosts girl’s and guy’s night

The CORE Office hosted a guy’s night and girl’s night on Nov. 22 at 8 p.m. The guy’s night was held at the Virgil Henson game room, and the girl’s night was held at the Cousin’s ballroom. “The goal of both girl’s and guy’s night is to create a night where both girls and guys…

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Buff News Brief

Tootn’ Totum, the WT CORE Office and many WT organizations all over campus have come together for a student scholarship campaign with prizes and benefits. The student organizations received a packet filled with information at the September CORE Round Table meeting. “I think this fundraiser is a great opportunity for our student organizations,” Jayce Jane…

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CORE Office helps get students involved

Campus Organizations, Resources and Entertainment, also known as the CORE, has started off the semester with a wide variety of events including a tie dye event, a free movie night, Tuesday’s at the Tank, and Taste of Mexico. “The CORE Office does more for WT than most people know. Like the name says, it is…

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