Ashley Hendrick was a senior majoring in Journalism at WTAMU. She had been a reporter at the Prairie for two semesters before becoming the Assistant Editor. She loves reading, writing, eating cookies and watching movies, and enjoys the occasional game of hoops.

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Food fills the pedestrian mall

Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) of WTAMU are filling the Pedestrian Mall at WT with food, clothes and more in their second annual Fill the Field charity event on March 27 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. “Last year we did a Fill the Field at the Buffalo Sports complex and it’s pretty much what…

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Snow day response upsets students

Web Editor’s Note: Megan Moore and John Lee also contributed to this report. A sudden snow storm blanketed the Amarillo, Canyon area Sunday night Feb. 24 and all day Monday Feb. 25. Schools and businesses were closed all over the panhandle area for the next two days, including WTAMU. Though cancelled classes delighted many students,…

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Former CBS reporter to speak at WT

“Hi mom,” reporter Betty Nguyen spoke quickly. Her time was short. “I’m alive. I’m okay. And I’ll call you when I can.” This was the only call Nguyen got before she and her media crew continued to sneak their way through body infested waters in Myanmar. “I was a little overwhelmed,” Nguyen said. “Foreign journalists…

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WT evacuation surprises students

WTAMU issued a campus wide evacuation Monday at about 1:45 p.m. All students were ordered to leave the campus grounds immediately until further notice.

According to WT police, the evacuation was only a drill the University had been planning for some time. All students were instructed to remain off

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WT Political Society seeks to educate

The elections may be over, but the WTAMU Political Science Society is just getting started. After a few semesters of absence, the old organization is being re-established by students and faculty of the political science department. “Periodically, we’ve had students show interest in a political science society or in particular political advocacies,” Andrew Garcia, instructor…

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Navy SEAL challenges students

Hundreds of WTAMU students, faculty and community members filled the First United Bank Center Thursday, Oct. 4 to hear Navy SEAL and humanitarian Eric Greitens discuss the importance of serving others with courage and compassion. “One of things I always find inspiring is all of the incredible talent, and energy and curiosity that exist in…

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Candlelight vigil in honor of WT Student

A candlelight vigil will be held tonight at 9 p.m. at the Pedestrian Mall in honor and memory of WTAMU student Shelbi McClure. According to Student Body President Nick Goettsche, all students are encouraged to attend the vigil and welcome to say a few words. “This will not be a speaking engagement on [the students]…

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National conventions spark discussions, questions

It was an eventful two weeks for both Republicans and Democrats as the National Conventions finally wrapped up Friday, Sept. 7. The conventions put an official stamp on the two presidential candidates, Republican Governor Mitt Romney and Democratic President Barack Obama. “I think the [Republican National Convention] went very well,” WTAMU Student Body President Nicholas…

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Pepsi Replaces Coke at WT

Coca-Cola has provided WTAMU students, faculty and staff with beverages for years, but after more than a decade that reign has come to an end as Pepsi makes its début as the official thirst quencher for the University. “It’s an exclusive contract,” Vice President of Business and Finance Gary Barnes said. “Everything we have to…

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