Plus INT #25 Show Notes

Plus INT Logo (Web Version). Art by Chris Brockman.

Plus INT Logo (Web Version). Art by Chris Brockman.

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Articles Discussed in this Episode (in Alphabetical Order):

  • Games Discussed (in Alphabetical Order):Arkham Origins, Dear Esther, Democracy 3, Dwarf Fortress, Hatoful Boyfriend, Ocarina of Time, The Order: 1886, Persona 3, Persona 4, The Sims, The Stanley Parable, Super Smash Bros, Titanfall
  • TV/Comics/Film/Anime/Manga/Web Shows Discussed (in Alphabetical Order): 50 Shades of Gray, Avengers, Atlantic Rim, Attack on Titan, Blade, Deadpool, Dexter’s Laboratory, Doctor Strange, Fist of the North Star, Godzilla, Green Lantern, Gurren Lagann, The Host, Naruto, Needless, Pacific Rim, Rugrats, Ruroni Kenshin, Shadow of the Colossus, Sword Art Online, Titan Fall, Twilight, Warhammer 40K

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