Plus INT #20: Show Notes

Plus INT Logo (Web Version). Art by Chris Brockman.

Plus INT Logo (Web Version). Art by Chris Brockman.

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Articles Discussed in this Episode (in Alphabetical Order):

Local Events, Shops and Eateries Discussed (in Alphabetical Order):

  • Games Discussed (in Alphabetical Order): Arkham Asylum, Dark Souls, Destiny, Division, From Dust, Final Fantasy I, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIV, Grand Theft Auto, Kingdom Hearts 3, Payday 2, Magic the Gathering, Star Wars Battlefront, Warhammer 40K
  • Books and Comics Discussed (in Alphabetical Order): Game of Thrones, Harry Potter
  • TV/Film/Anime/Manga/Web Shows Discussed (in Alphabetical Order): Death Note, Digimon, Future Diary, Game of Thrones, Jobs, Madoka Magica, Pokemon, RWBY, The Social Network, Welcome to Night Vale

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