Danie and Jess Untitled Ep. 2

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Daniela is a WT Junior majoring in Broadcasting Journalism. She is a native of Laredo, TX and is bilingual. She was 2012 - 2013's Web Editor and currently studies abroad in Ukraine.

One thought on “Danie and Jess Untitled Ep. 2

  1. avatar James Romo

    What a fun podcast! I like how the two personalities are very opinionated and are on two different sides of the music genre spectrum. It kept the show interesting. Despite their two different music/band tastes, they managed to discuss the important part of music….you know, the music being made.  

    I wish the podcast was recorded at a little higher volume though.

    Also, Fall Out Boy is reuni- oh wait, who cares. Team Jess! 

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