A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Listen Up!

Listen Up!

Get your headphones and listen up to our latest episode about the Theater’s department’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”!


It’s 2 days before the opening of ‘A Mid Summer Night’s Dream’ and the backstage crew works hard to get the stage and costumes ready.

(Natural sounds of Larry directing the crew)

That is Larry Hunter, scene shop foreman at the Theater department at West Texas A&M University. He says the days before the play’s opening are busy.

Hunter: It’s intense it is all touch up. We are putting and finishing touches of the tree on the set. There are a lot of itty bitty things.

Students help build the set as part of their practicum class.  Austin Harlison is a freshman Musical Theater major.

Harlison: We are generally very busy getting last minute stuff done for the set and getting all our cues correct and making sure the show is running really smooth.

Even though there are still details to take care of before the play, Hunter says planning started about 8 moths ago.

Hunter: And we get our final drawings 3 months before the play opens and that is when we usually start, we try to have every thing ready for the day of the show.

However, things not always go the way they were planned.

Hunter: There have been plays were actually the paint is still wet when they open the show.

On the other side of backstage production is the costume shop were Anne Medlock and her crew work on getting all the costumes ready for the show.

While she pins Puck’s costume for the play she explains the days before the show are demanding.

Medlock: We don’t sleep a lot.

Medlock says the audience will be surprised when they see the costumes and stage of the play.

Medlock: I bet they will have no idea what to expect because we have taken an interesting and not necessarily common interpretation of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

She says hopefully the audience will like what they see.

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