Sushic provides options for students and faculty at JBK

Sushic logo. Courtesy of the Sushic web site.

Sushic logo. Courtesy of the Sushic web site.

On Jan. 27, Sushic, a Japanese cuisine restaurant was opened in the JBK. It is housed where the Tortilla used to be, which has now moved to the Grill.

Many students are looking forward to having a new place to eat that offers a wider selection of food than the campus has previously offered.

“It would be nice to have something different to have around here,” Isaiah Benjamin, a junior Music Performance major, said.For some, it is a reminder of home.

“At home I eat [sushi] a lot,” Benjamin said. “I come from a big area and around here, you just don’t see it all the time.”

Other students say that they may try it under certain circumstances.

“[I] might go depending on the prices,” said Alejandro Guerra, a sophomore Music Education major.

Not only is Sushic going to be a different kind of variety compared to the JBK, but also compared to the already-busy Dining Hall.

Josh Schneider, a Dining Hall employee, said that the opening would “more than likely cause a few days of being slightly slower [at the Caf].”


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