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Bumblebee to... Killer Bee?

I walk into the room and see the generic costumes; witch, cat, princess, bumblebee, pirate and policeman. Seems harmless enough, but this is different from the costumes of my youth. These have been replaced with sexy kitten, slutty pirate and dirty cop. When did Halloween turn into a night at the local gentleman’s club?

Halloween has become an excuse for girls who are normally conservative and reserved to let loose and release their inner dirty girl. The days of trick-or-treat are gone and it’s been replaced with a night of tricks.

This doesn’t just apply to females either. The male costumes are becoming more and more an excuse to show off the hours spent in the gym. That’s great and I’m proud of you for your hard work, but is this really the best idea when it’s late October and 40 degrees outside? You may be showing off a little less than you thought, if you catch my drift.

I have also noticed that this epidemic that is spreading into the children’s costumes. Little girls walk around showing off more belly than ever before and wear an excess of makeup.  Why has Halloween shifted from a night of scares to a night of stares?

I for one miss the comedic costumes. What happened to making people laugh? Make fun of celebrities. Dye your hair red for a night; paint on some freckles, and put a little white powder on your nose to look like Lindsey Lohan. Or if you’re a larger man, go as Lance Armstrong, and wear a tight yellow jacket. I would say that if your goal is being the most memorable costume at the party, sexy is not the way to go. People rarely remember which slutty costume belonged to whom, but the funny ones stick out in people’s minds.

I understand that guys may love this night to enjoy ogling every woman that walks by, and I cant say I haven’t done it myself, but at some point it becomes ridiculous. Show a little less skin and a little more creativity. That is of course, unless my girlfriend is reading this.

What do you think? Should it remain a sexy night or a night of frights? Text in STARE if you enjoy the sexy costumes of today, or STARE if you prefer the Halloween of old. The number is 817-480-2319 so text in. And if you have that creative costume, or see someone in one, send us a picture and we’ll publish the most creative. Please keep in mind that this is a school magazine and thus you should be wearing more than Victoria’s Secret  in your photo.


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